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Margaret River beaches, wine and more promoting 31/03/2017 09:13 PM

MARGARET RIVER 30.03.17 (Thursday)

Looking forward to a nice comfy bed at Lisa’s and Colin’s house (my brother). Great family catch up, watched some amazing surfers ride the rather large swell at South Beach and Prevelly, something I would not attempt as thanks to the highly-acclaimed movie of its time ‘JAWS’, and the not so common but recent spate of shark attacks along this coastline, I do not feel the need to become a ‘human lure’ for these majestic creatures that reside in the ocean.

The month of March has flown, but I am on track as far as plans have gone. The whole month was to be spent recovering from work with relaxation, catching up with loved ones, being amongst nature, getting into some sort of basic routine, and ‘flooding’ the promotion of ‘The Silent Tour’; all of which fell into place naturally nurturing the Soul, getting me mentally ready for the next 11 months of the unknown – just what the ‘Jabbo’s asked for ??.

No riders form Marg’s to Peppermint Grove Beach (which is what I had hoped as I am still wanting to do the SOLO thing until Mz Ella and I become accustomed to each other), where my next overnight stop with the very hospitable kind, very funny ‘gentlemen’ Craig Wilson lives awaiting my arrival in his very new, just built, luxury beach stilt home  sitting up high overlooking the Capel River, minutes away from the ocean.

A very humbled thanks to Craig for not only his amazing culinary BBQ (barbie) skills, but also the two hour mechanical mentoring session in the ‘bloke shed’, fine tuning, tightening and sorting out Mz Ella’s little hiccups. Both Craig and his mate ‘Baz’, who brought ‘morning tea’ (naughty cakes ??) then rode with me the next morning to Bunbury where I was to meet Zac from South West Times – another interview, and then hang around for another day as I have one more interview with GWN 7 tomorrow – Wow! The story is getting out there, the flooding is paying off.

Ride to Perth to take place Saturday 1st April – April Fools Day ??