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Pemberton Here I Come 26/03/2017 01:01 PM


Starting to relax into the first leg, we pull up at Walpole for lunch. Several riders left the group at the Mt Barker turn off, and some were already in Walpole ready to meet us before they headed off to an overnight camp somewhere just out of Bridgeton. Finally I can eat something, washed down with a nice hot mug of Dirty Chai. Ron who led the group, also says his final farewells and heads off with the other riders leaving me alone with my very good friend Leanne and her partner Rob. Reality creeps in allowing me now to shed a tear in peace, knowing I have left family behind and knowing I am finally on the road ‘solo’. I’m starting to feel excited, and my face lights up as I bid farewell to Rob and Leannne and finally hit the road – Pemberton via Northcliffe Road, here I come.

All I wanna do now is smell the forest, feel the wind on my face and take in my whole surroundings, allowing me to really feel the ‘experience of solo bike riding in the wilderness’. A steady 70-80km took me through some of the most stunning forests with winding twists and turns, singing to the cows and then laughing out loud taking the piss out of myself for ‘singing to the cows’. The next 130km was what I needed as I finally relaxed and was able to process the very emotional events which took place throughout the day.

Destintion -Warren National Park camping ground, which I never got to that evening, as time was getting away from me and I did not feel like attempting an unknown off road track to get there. So I settled for Big Brook Dam just out of Pemberton. What a sight for sore eyes, this most spectacular, pristine piece of the South West became my home for the next two weeks, with morning BBQ’s breakfasts, daily 6 km walks and swimming in the biggest swimming pool I have ever seen – I’m in my elements.

I Loved Pemberton, met some amazing people – an elderly worldly ‘classical ballet dancing choreographer/instructor’ with whom I shared coffee with almost daily, mesmerised by the  nostalgic stories and memorabilia he shared of his quite famous life throughout the 60’s – 70’s. The very classy cabaret singer and dancer who had spent many years in the entertainment business cruising the world on ocean liners, both individuals with amazing stories of a fulfilled life, with a love and passion that drove them to live out their dreams.

Thanks Pemberton for a very memorable stay.