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My dream bike finally fell in my lap in 2015. 

A keen motorbike enthusiast for the past 9 years, buzzing around on my little 250cc Aquilla (Ella 1st), awaiting the day my vintage Indian motorcycle will finally cross my path.

After contacting the very talented and humbled man Brendon Flower from BF Customs, informing him that my rebuild will be his next project; if he supports me in sourcing the right bike for the job. Brendon jumped at the opportunity with as much enthusiasm as I had. Along with support from 'the Guru' - 'Murray Morell - Indian Motorcycle Specialist - Perth'. We got to work sourcing the bike and between the three of us, we sourced out this ol' gal, already restored – a 1942 Indian 741military scout, 'my dream bike'.

My ears could not believe it when I heard that this ol' girl hadn't even gone on the market yet and she was the only known Vintage Indian in Australia that was up for sale at that time. I contacted Finn (previous owner), and after a brief convincing conversation, I informed him that a deposit will be in his bank that day, assertively jesting under no circumstances was he to sell it to anyone else ??. So here it goes: Indian Scout built in 1941, purpose built to go to battle in WW11. She came with a Spirit  that would make any grown man shudder - destined  to share the limelight 75 years later when riding for a peaceful cause aimed to assist human consciousness heal and grow from the shackles created from violence and abuse.

Feeling blessed,  and with much gratitude and thanks to Finn, the ol' girl (with the support from Murray), had been reconditioned 19 years ago, however had been sitting in Finn’s spare room for the past 17 years waiting to be reborn again by a new passion driven, adventurous buyer, who had been searching for the perfect machine to be the chariot to assist in reaching unknown territory (for this little cookie anyway) with unlimited boundaries, an exciting adventure that would take one year to complete.

The day came when Finn transported Ella to a very excited fabricator (Brendon) and myself. She was more than I ever expected, as not only was she a magnificent machine – but a machine that had a huge spirit, making her powerful presence felt leaving the hairs on the back of mine and Brendon’s neck rise like a dogs hackles  - both in awe and wondering what the hell have we get ourselves in for. This was definitely a machine that meant serious business, which we knew we had to approach with caution.

Proven to be correct, since the day she arrived, she challenged not only myself and everyone that worked on her, testing their abilities and putting them through their paces, almost as if she was seeing if they were worthy of her attention; including myself the first day I rode her. She threw me off like a bucking bull eaving me with a crushed left tibea bone which needed surgery and a metal plate to screw it back together. This brake I might add, had me off work for four months, however in this time I completed 8 chapters of my book I have been writing, therefore I thank Ella and bless my brake) - my first, and hopefully my only war wound from the now very classy Mz Ella. I knew this beast had spirit, but I swore from that day forth that I would 'tame the beast' and she was not going to scare this warrior off.

The drama's she created over the nest year of her rebuild could fit in a book itself, with some of the story in the next edition of the Oz Bike magazine. 

Mz Ella 3rd – once was warrior now my chariot, ready to ride for a peaceful cause raising awareness around the destructive and damaging effects that violence and abuse creates on humanity. 

Initially this year long ride around Australia purposely came about to allow me to finish a book I have been writing for the past 6 years -"Flaying Solo One Woman's Journey to Self Discovery', however as plans do – it grew and snowballed into an amazing charity event which I am anticipating will stir some interest from a large audience. As I sit here and write I am just starting to get an inkling that this journey could possibly be the start, to a new chapter, maybe a new book - book number 2, a book of adventure and human determination – hmmmm! the seed has already been planted!

Rebuild photos pending - watch this space.