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Broome - a lovely Whyalla welcome 18/07/2017 11:25 AM

BROOME AND FITZROY 29/06/17 – 17/07/17

Pre-planned dates to hit Broome so as to catch up with long-time friends from Whyalla who were in Broome for a short time attending a wedding. A priceless catch up, with hugs and kisses from home - a recipe to cure my fleeting home sickness moments. A big mention to Greg and Sobrane – Greg Aka ‘Gandolf the Astronomer’, and his partner ‘Sobrane’ an outstanding artist with several galleries around the world, I felt privileged to share their home of three days and attend one of Greg’s amazing ‘Astro Tours’, something that cannot be missed when coming to Broome – you will never look at the sunrise and sunset the same ever again ??

I met so many amazing people in Broome, who not only put me up but also put me onto other contacts who will put me up as I head north. A ride out for morning brekkie with a couple of Ulyssus club members and Broome Motorbike enthusiasts who managed to keep up with my 45mph dash to the roadhouse. Met the lovely Sharon – a true biker chick overcoming a serious bike injury leaving her quite debilitated with a right leg, however being the trooper she is, this never managed to stop her, as she now roars around on her Harley sportster, customised for her disability, a sportster turned into a very beautiful looking trike. How could I forget Swampy who rocked up on his Triumph that has been fully decked out in crocodile skin - yep! seat, panniers, tank strap. Turned out we both knew the same family in Whyalla – the Leschke’s, and had quite a bit to talk about. A big thanks to Swampy and his lovely partner Heather who then showed me around Broome and shouted me lunch for the day.

The beautiful TC, who put me up for the rest of the week, a big thank you for showing me around, and very selflessly sharing your little dog and home with me – much love.

Three days spent at the Men’s Outreach Center where it just so happened to be NAIDOC week. Helping with BBQ’s, yarning with staff and some of the less fortunate males in and around the Broome community coming in for feeds and ‘men’s health checks’ – very cute seeing their partners sitting outside the boundaries waiting for their men.

A visit to the ‘Alive and Kicking’ mob, who are actively engaging in the community raising awareness around suicide prevention, supported by the ‘Black Dog’ institute offering services such as the ‘The Ibobbly’ app designed to save indigenous lives. I can’t express enough the work that is being done in Broome for our indigenous people. The human services, initiatives and workers are all thriving, bringing this community alive and buzzing with a positive energy, a breath of fresh air. Hats off to the Broome community for doing such a brilliant job. I also need to mention  the beautifully talented muso’s, Bec Schofield, Dave Man and their lovely little family of three with whom I first met in Geraldton at the ‘Gasgoyne in May’ festival, and with whom I continued to bump into all the way up the west coast at such events like the Whale Shark festival in Exmouth and now Broome markets and a ‘home concert’ which launched their new album. An amazing couple which you can visit online at www.thenomadics.com.au – fellow gypsey’s living out of their very rustic, authentic, mural designed truck, painted on by the equally talented Sobrane.

Broome – a big thanks for the wonderful experience.

Time to hit the road with Fitzroy Crossing being the next destination, a two nights (which turned out to be three nights) stay at the very beautiful Fitzroy Lodge, right on the banks of the Fitzroy River. The very obliging general manager Matt, so kindly put me up and then linked me in with local services to make guest appearances.

Chaperoned by the very lovely, well respected Irene from the Indigenous Adult Learning Center, not only to make guest appearances, but Irene also linked me in with the Marra Worra Worra mob where they very obligingly assisted me with some mechanical support.

A couple of nights were had with the staff of the resort enjoying a well deserved end of the evening break, as those guys and gals go above and beyond their call of duty. A big thanks to Matt (GM) for being encouraging and very supportive of not only the cause, but for my journey as a solo female traveller.

Many stories along the way, too many to share about the wonderful people and their own stories of travel, adventure, and alternative lifestyles. Maybe another book is warranted ??