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Whim Creek Pub – Eighty Mile Beach, and all in between 29/06/2017 04:24 PM

Whim Creek Pub – Broome and all in between (18.06.17 – 28.06.17)

I cannot leave Karratha without a mention about the friggin awesome fundraising night at the Karratha Bikers Association (KBA) clubhouse, leading into the wee hours (3am) of Saturday morning, the day I am supposed to be responsible and ride off to my next destination - Whim Creek. With four hours of restless sleep, waking with a mushy head, weary and dehydrated from overindulging on copious amounts of champagne, Honey Dew Bourbon on the rocks and Afogatto’s (liqueur, ice cream topped with coffee), then riding off in thirty-degree heat, I am sure was a recipe and the cause for the stomach curdling sounds and churning that broke me out in sweats – “Oh yeah, forgot – could have been that Man – o – pause thingy too ;-)

This most successful night which raised an amazing $1,400. Could not have been achieved without the support from Pilbarra Motorcycle Sisters, KBA and the very lovely Nannette (Nann), who I met at the Soroptimist 34th birthday celebration. Nann, very kindly donated all of her brother Ken’s motorbike clothing and equipment for the auction, which in itself raised about $900. Several raffles later and a mean game of ‘Killer’ @ $10 a pop, gave us a grand total of $1,400. Fantasic team effort. A huge thank you to the very benevolent Pilbarra crew – this will be one hard act to follow.

Thank god I said 12pm for the ride out and meet at the Karratha Information Bay, giving me enough in the morning to fumble my way through getting organised and packed up, as my head was seriously mushy. I finally arrive at the Information Bay to be greeted by approx. 12 riders. A huge surprise awaited me which nearly brought me to tears, and that was being greeted by long-time friends Rodney and Meredith Eygenram with whom I had not seen for near on 20years. My heart sank as I was now leaving with only seeing my two beautiful friends for 10 minutes. There was a fleeting moment where I thought I should stay another night, but the ball was rolling and we arranged to catch up down the track. Rodney did however escort me out of Karratha on his old silver non-conventional Panhead Harley, just  like the old days, minus a Kymbo.


Most riders left at Roebourne, with the faithful Leah and her trusty friend Karen riding on into Whim Creek with me to share a late lunch. Thank you Leah for seeing this part of the journey out right till the end with me, and thank you to the very special Julie who so tolerantly takes care of the kids to allow Leah to do her thing, not to mention Julie’s generosity for taking on the role as designated driver, staying sober on several occasions to allow others to indulge and partake in frivolous partying.

Stayed overnight at the Whim Creek Pub in the dongers with expectations of leaving the following day. Ella decided she wanted to stay put the next morning as she likes attention so much, leaving me to pull out her flat battery, and tinker around on her generator chain while she got all the admiration and “oohh & ahhh’s” from a very obliging audience. A huge thanks to Brad and his team at the Whim Creek Pub for keeping me hydrated and providing me with complimentary meals and coffee while I sat out the next three hours waiting for her battery to charge.

PARDOO STATION STAY (Cattle station)

“Holy shit”, thirteen kilometres of dirt track I had to go down before hitting Pardoo, not used too soft sand and off road stuff, and Im sure Ella isn’t either. Several ‘snakies’ later, both Ella and I still upright managed to cruise on in all covered in red dirt and sweating like a stuffed pig. I was so overwhelmed to see this glorious green oasis on the coast, isolated, however it was a little piece of paradise which included a glorious swimming pool, old style corner ‘tuck shop’ (fully licenced) and a great outback style restaurant/cafeteria that had a ‘help yourself’ smorgasbord full of great home cooked food.

Feeling very privileged to be in the ‘right place at the right time’, It just so happened that the people from Bidyadanga Indigenous Community had all come in for a very significant meeting with their lawyers and advocates. A special day for the Elders and their families as they were there being ‘briefed’ about the legal processes that were taking place around their small claim to acknowledge their place and land rights for their land where they were born and grew up on. I felt extremely privileged to have a yarn to the Elder woman about their concerns for their people, and also had a brief chat to the men about my cause and purpose of travel.

I had a little entourage of male adolescents admiring my mechanical skills whilst ‘once again’ tightening my generator chain J, with one young male keen to help out holding the generator tightly in place. They found it quite amusing to see a woman doing ‘men’s business’ haha! Bless them. A very nerve wrecking ride out of Pardoo station – still upright woohooo! And ready to hit Eighty Mile Beach caravan Park where I had booked in for a whole week to spend ‘all my time’ on the book.