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Exmouth to Karratha (03.06.17 -18.07.17) 20/06/2017 07:48 AM

Exmouth to Karratha (03.06.17 -18.07.17)

Next stop, Nanutarra Roadhouse, 280km with no fuel stop. So I have to fill my fuel bladders for the first time before leaving, and stop half way for fuel and food break. Just love those 24hour rest points on the side of the road. Wow! Absolutely love the red dirt, vegetation, landscape and heat out here in the middle of nowhere – well, not nowhere – somewhere between towns that is not overpopulated by tourists.

Pull up at the rest point feeling happy and thankful to have left people. Ellas’ purring beautifully, not missing a beat. So I fill her up with juice and pull out my trusty ol’ little burner, then cook up brekkie – porridge with almond milk on top of chopped apple, banana and almond slithers. Peace, serenity for now, until I hit Fortesque River, the destination where I meet the most amazing bunch of people there ready to welcome me into their world of bikes, hospitality, comradery, and human compassion,  – the very special Pilbara Motorcycle Sisters PMS, all there waiting on the banks of the river, set up with a marque, banquet of fine foods, inclusive of silver service dining, beer, champagne, and song. What an unforgettable welcome.

My now entourage, escorting me into Karratha where I am to continue ‘raising awareness’ around the damaging effects family and domestic violence has on our youth of today. An angel in disguise, a women of amazing dedication exuberating passion and energy advocating for the cause (Raising awareness around family and domestic violence), Leah Scholes, fellow Social Worker, who organised the silver service welcome and everything else in Karratha, I finally meet. The woman who has gone above and beyond for making my next two weeks extremely busy, organising guest speaking appearances at functions, as well as community groups and government departments, not to mention networking and making arrangements for my ‘in kind’ support accommodation for next legs of my journey. Leah and her very caring and tolerant partner Julie, I am forever indebted for your amazing support and generosity towards the success of The Silent Tour.

Karratha, what a welcome, one memory which will be very hard to beat due to my connection with some amazing people. The beautifully bold and larger than life Tangiora Hinaki (the karaoke queen), her very loving, supportive school sweetheart and husband of 20+ years - Renz, and their equally large family of eight very talented amazing little singers, who welcomed me into their home for a night of celebration at her sons 21st birthday bash, where I had my first ever Maori Hangi and was witness to a very passionate Maori Haka which had my hair standing on end and bubbling with tears due to such intense powerful energy this dance creates.

Fellow Whyallian’s Rose and John Ireland, for putting me up, and Rose for ‘mothering me’, making their home feel like home. John Ireland for introducing me to the great game Finakee, where John then continued to gloat the Whyalla gloat when kicking my ass at Finakee. Great stories we shared of our years growing up in Whyalla, and Rose doing her tour guide thing, showed me some spectacular off road places (see photos). There was so many lovely people to mention during my stay at Karratha, you all know who you are as you were there to help make this journey even more successful and so much more memorable.

People ask me “don’t you get lonely”? absolutely not. Not when you meet so many lovely people there who want to share the journey, helping, supporting and just wanting to shed their own little lights and story for the greater good of humanity.

Te mau haamaitairaa.