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CARNARVON – It’s not always smooth sailing even for adventurers. 22/05/2017 10:55 AM

Sat 13th May – Dad’s birthday - Mothers Day

CARNARVON – It’s not always smooth sailing even for the adventurers.

Rocked into Carnarvon just in time for Mother’s Day. Was met by the very special Linda who bounced out the door to meet me, followed by Craig her partner, both bike riders, and were pretty excited to welcome me into their home. Was taken for a very special Mother’s Day ride out to the Blowholes by Linda, Craig’s dad Lee, and his mate Doug (Ulysses MC member), then I was privileged to go to lunch with Craig’s family, lovely to have family time but felt homesick for my own girls.

Day two, time for checking what the clanging was on the bike. Turns out I hadn’t tightened the generator up tight enough gaahhhh!. Loose generator which need a second pair of hands – Lee to the rescue. After chatting with Murray and flicking off a few pics of the problem, half an hour later I believed I had it all sorted. I’m really starting to feel comfortable with sorting out my issues on the bike with the invaluable support from Murray who has been a very patient teacher.

Couldn’t get ‘into the grove’ with writing the book in Carnarvon, so I decided to test out the ol’ girl out (generator job), by taking a ride back to the gorgeous blowholes were I spent the next three days at the campinag ground, surrounded by  nothing other than spectacular Coral Reef . Shit yeah! 3 days of snorkling my little heart out and attempting to get into the book. Unfortunately for me, my very sensitive hands that became infected back in Perth due to touching fuel and degreaser, had flared up again making my nights unbearable in the heat. “Oh no’, I’veleft the anti-histamines back in Carnarvon”, only taking the basics. My hands drove me nuts on the warm evenings, becaming quite  swollen due to a very itchy rash that persisted on the back and palms of my hands.

My thoughts, “how the f%* am I going to take down my tent and repack the bike”.  Friday morning came and I managed to get it all packed up with the aid of my cotton gloves. They had flared up even worse due to my scratching in the night creating cracking and bleeding, so I was feeling very sorry for myself and missing my family (mum where are you when I need you hahaha).

Three days of no shower, hair and body covered in salt, this little cookie was very much hanging out to get back to Carnarvon. First priority – coffee at the Outback roadhouse, second – make an appointment with the doctor, and thirdly -unpack all my gear, shower, and hit the doctors and chemist to get my prescribed medication, which I despise having to take, however there’s just some things you have to bite the bullet for. The trip back to Carnarvon ended up in tears, with me cursing the ‘gods’ and blessing my little Ella for keeping me safe and getting me from A to B with no effort. Missing my family, probably one of the toughest hurdles one has to come across when travelling Solo, particular when faced with illness or hardship, however after a good cry and breathing in the beauty of my surroundings at a speed of 80km, I trojan on, feeling the wind the freedom and once again feeling blessed to be on the road, not letting this horrible hiccup get in my way.

All in all, the hands got better, I managed to get some of the book done, and my very special hosts Linda and Craig gave me ‘the final supper’ on my last night which consisted of Morton Bay Bugs and prawns in avocado shells. My love of ‘cable ties’ brought out a few ‘cable tie’ jokes and banter, and true to my love of cable ties the very next morning I cable tied my little house together and was then chaperoned by Linda and Craig to the Outback Roadhouse where we were greeted by a handful of riders ready to follow me out to Minilya Roadhouse for an early lunch.

A heartfelt thanks to Linda and Craig for all their support, Lee for his mechanical assistance and this his lovely wife for supplying the seafood and all of you for letting me share Mother’s Day with your little family.