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DENHAM - Shark Bay 22/05/2017 10:43 AM


Looking forward to a weeks refuge in a lovely caravan overlooking the ocean with some very generous hosts Karen and Drew wanting to put me up for the cause.. Ahhhh bliss, peace and tranquillity.

20km out of Denham, and coming towards me was an ambulance with sirens flashing. My thoughts, “poor bugger” for who ever was in the back. The ambo gets closer and I notice the ambo driver starting to wave madly , my thoughts again “ either there is an accident further up the road or please, please, I hope this is my host – the ambo driver”.

True enough,  upon arriving at my destination my heart jumped with joy when I drive into a no through road which I might add, overlooks the ocean, caravan in the front yard with front row views. I cant believe my luck when I pull up and find a text message from Karen saying “had to fly off to an emergency in the ambo, get settled in and I will see you in an hour or two”. The crazy woman in the ambo was my very lovley host – Karen, oh my god, I am in heaven.

My week was spent doing the usual, more promoting, work on the book, meeting other interesting travellers and I was very fortunate to be in Denham when the Shark Bay Fishing Festival was on, along with the Gasgoyne in May, a travelling event with lots of entertainment.

The day before heading off I noticed the generator chain had come loose as it was a new chain. It needed tightening and I thought I better give it a go myself after seeing this done several other times with Finn and Murray. Here goes, manual in hand, set up area and whammo! Damn that was tricky – loosening, tightening the adjuster nut, which way – “loosy tooty/righty tighty – holy shit they are back to front – how did it go again gaahhhh!”, not t mention having to be the contortionist pushing the kick start down with my hand while wrapping my arm around the engine to feel the tension on the chain hmmm. What would have taken Murray about 10mts tok me about 45mts.

My job couldn’t have been that bad because it lasted me until I got to Carnarvon when suddenly I heard, ‘tinkle tinkle’, hmmmm…. What the…!

Thanks for a fantastic time in Denham Karen and Drew. I loved our time together and hope one day return. A great response from the community of Denham.