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Northhampton balls up! 15/05/2017 06:50 AM


Never ceases to amaze me the generosity and kindness of our everyday Ozzies, there wanting to help and support in whatever way possible. I am meeting some amazing people along the way and the synchronicity which continues to overwhelm me the further I step out of my comfort zone is absolutely amazing.

I am finding, particularly in the biking community, the amount of people that know each other, hundreds even thousands of kilometres of distance apart are like one big community just spread out over our vast land.

Kalbarri, what can I say? Riding into Kalbarri, I could not miss turning off to see the astounding Kalbarri Cliffs, a must see for any traveller as this coastline is a spectacular sight (see photos). I had the honour of staying with Peta, her husband Phil and two of their three great kids. As always I es into town doing a ‘lap’ of honour to get my bearings and have a brief look at what I am in for for the week i.e. cafes along the beach, BBQ areas, and anything that sparks my interest.

I was very spoilt with my very own downstairs living area where I could come and go  at my leisure, and as usual there very little as my days were spent – out early, hiking, taking breakfast and lunch supples to beach areas, sightseeing and sitting either at the beach or café’s writing the book, blogging, checking emails etc.

Had some quality time – usually over dinner, with my very lovely hosts sharing stories and getting to know a brief chapter of their pretty special family life. Attempted to demonstrate to two English female backpackers ‘what not to do when snorkling’ over Coral Reef, only to come out of the water with two ‘cut up fingers’ dripping with blood. Met two German backpackers with who I bumped into at Shark Bay, also travelling around Oz within a year.

Crazy thing was, this bloody menopause with which I am managing sooooo graciously, however one thing I cannot control is retaining information haha! You guessed it, ask me the name of the last town – forget it!, ask me the name of Peta and Phil’s kids – forget it, ask me what I was going to do ten minutes ago – forget it. Now, ‘tell me’ to do something – forget it, as was the case with Andy also known by his ‘brothers in arms’ as ‘Jabba’.

“Jules, make sure you pop in on the way, and visit – forget it name – ‘Pirate’ I think!, and his lovely missus – forget it name, they have just taken over the Northhampton Pub”. “Sure” I say, “just let me write it down coz I will forget”. Well I forgot to look at my notes that I wrote down didn’t I, because here I was cruising along at my very cruisy speed of 85-90 km, basking in gratitude of how fortunate I was to be living a dream, and taking in the beauty that surrounds me when ‘blink’, there it was and “Blink’, there it goes as I very casually cruise on by the Northhampton Pub, spotting quite a few bikers hanging around outside with their bikes. ‘Hmmmmm…. Don’t look, be cool, looking good on me little Indian all packed up for a big journey, yeahhhhh – just smile hahahaha!’ , as I notice them all looking as I wiz past – ‘yeah right’.

They weren’t looking at me hahaha! They were all waiting for me to pull into the pub,  as I found out about an hour later when I rolled on into Kalbarri shopping centre right net t to the tavern. I get off my chariot and see this big hairy ginger bearded biker looking dude walk up to me. Turns out to be ‘Wierdo’ who informed me that not only himself but a pile of Andy’s mates were all waiting for me at Northhampton pub to share a beer. Yep they all watched me wiz past and thought “What the F@*”. I cracked up laughing as did he, when I told him of my menopausal situation. Right then, I better share a beer with you now and we can give them a call to say “oops”. Gaahhhh!!!! Brain please come back.