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Guilderton to Geraldton 15/05/2017 05:57 AM


A big thanks to Patto (Panna Riders) for some minor mechanical touch ups i.e. the odd loose bolt and chain that had slackened along the way. The need to purchase 4 litres of oil as opposed to one was in order, as I am slowly coming to realise the old girl gets very thirsty with long distance riding. Keeping up the oil, and vigilant mechanical checks is working a treat. Also, thought I’d try out the ‘Slime Smart’ puncture resistant liquid, specifically designed for instantly repairing punctures while on the road.

Hint: make sure when putting the slime in, your innertube is ‘totally deflated’ otherwise the air inside your tube will resist the slime and hardens quite quickly making it difficult to put in once deflated properly.

Contacted the Geraldton Ulysses club who put me onto Gary Warner, Ulysses member and editor of the ‘Ride On’ magazine. Had a great catch up with Gary who wanted to do an interview and take photos for the next Ride On edition. Big lesson learnt – I left contacting the Ulysses Club too late, therefore had no riders ride out with me on the Saturday, however another heartfelt thanks to Gary for contributing to the cause, and providing me with all Ulysses Clubs contacts throughout Australia so I can get in touch with in advance. 

Joy Plug, your support has been fantastic and very much appreciated, providing me with a sanctuary and much needed ‘female time’ hahaha! Which brings me to the ride out - heading off for a couple of nights at Sandy Cape with Joy’s brother - a very dear friend of mine, Dennis. Sandy Cape, a spectacular tucked away campsite 10km north of Jurien Bay, great swimming, a meeting ground for some lovely people who line up along the sand dunes with their deck chairs, wine, nibbles, and beer to watch the beautiful sunsets on the magnificent shore of our Indian Ocean coastline. Great to be sharing this special moment with a great friend.

Adios Dennis and Sandy Cape. Kalbarri here I come.