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Anzac Day in Sleepy Guilderton 05/05/2017 11:40 AM

Anzac Day ride from Perth to Guilderdton – 25.04.17

Salute to the fallen brave and those gallant solders who returned with shocking memories they will carry for the rest of their lives. Also salute to those very generous, humble souls there to support me for a cause not to similar to that of our bereaved soldiers, and that is our young vulnerable youth who have no say in their childhood experiences, specifically those experiencing trauma through violence and abuse in their world, which they too will carry through with them till the rest of their lives. Feeling blessed and spending a silent moment while I ride out of Perth.

The ride out of Perth was long awaited, like a carrot dangling at the end of a string each week, a teaser, which had me biting at the bit by the end of the second week, itching to leave the big smoke but having to be patient for Ella to be spot on for the arduous journey ahead.

The morning of the 25th  arrived and I was pleasantly surprised when another ‘sister’ from Whyalla- Karen Kenny aka Miller,  with who I had not seen since high school, signed up to join with me for the ride to Guilderton. Karen met me at Sarah’s house where we had a wee Whyalla reunion, revisiting old times, friends, places etc before heading off – being escorted out of Perth by Karen to Guilderton, where we shared a lunch and bid our farewells.  

The past three weeks had been very hectic with the Ella drama, the ongoing promotions, the need to get cracking on the  book as time was very quickly getting away from me, so by the time it ‘was time to leave’, a part of me craving some peace and tranquilty, and boy did I get it when I arrived in Guilderton, being put up by a very humble, trusting and very caring host – Mellisa, and her very switched on, sweet young daughter Bella with whom I bonded with so well, a girl well beyond her years – it may possibly have something to do with the fact that she has been home schooled throughout her growing years and having older siblings.

Guilderton Foreshore Café  for lunch on Anzac Day. A message to all out there in cyberland, never rock up in Guilderton on either a public holiday or any other holiday for that matter. Guilderton, usually a sleepy little hollow, pristine landscape right on the Moore River, was packed out, back to back tourists like sardines, cars and caravans backed up for a couple of hundred meters.

The next 6 days were peaceful and tranquil once all the tourists left. I spent my days walking to the river, having my morning swim, finished off with a BBQ brekkie, then getting stuck into promoting the tour and the book. Caught up with the lovey Emma and Paul (bless him he came up from Yanchep to cook me a sausage on the Barbie).

A huge thank you to Michelle Bieniaz, a very special life long friend who I call my sister, who very generously without hesitation and through the kindness of her heart, donated a large sum of money to assist me along my way to ensure we get the message out there for those silenced youths. Blessings to you my sister, your generous donation to myself to assist me with my mechanical costs was a blessing in disguise, balancing out my budget for the tour.

Also, a big thank you to the lovely Mellisa and Bella for allowing me the sanctuary of your peaceful little cottage on the river, the sharing of food, stories, and games of cards with the little Bella. Thank you ladies – don’t forget to follow your hearts and dreams, your life is your own.