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'Masters Apprentice 21/04/2017 08:05 AM

‘MASTER’S APPRENTICE’ – Perth (2.04.2017)

What set out to be an overnight stay in Perth before heading North, turned out to be a mammoth rebirthing for the 75year old Mz Ella, not what I was expecting at all. An issue that initially we thought could have been fixed within a day or two, turned out be quite a costly three week stop-over, a total reconditioning of a motor, with work undertaken covering a list as long as Moby’s Dick.  

I cannot thank enough the endless hours and dedication that business owner Murray, from ‘Murray Morrell Indian Specialist Australia’s leading Indian Parts’, has put into the total reconditioning of Ella’s motor. So dedicated and passionate is Murray, about maintaining the authenticity of trojan machines from our bygone times, that Murray spent many days prior too, plus the four day Easter break (Easter holiday being 14th-17th April), getting Ella ready for the ‘York Motorcycle Festival’ (23rd April) where the next leg of the journey continued.

‘Yep’, here’s me thinking the hard-working Murray will be having a well-deserved four-day break over Easter, therefore I won’t bother him with phone calls etc. Turned out that Murray - along with some support from his trusty ol’ mate Brian Rodwell, was very meticulously putting a stripped motor back together, complete with both bought and machined (by Murray himself) parts. This man is a legend, not only a ‘guru – true master of his trade’, but morally and ethically he upholds the motorbiking ethos close to his heart and in high regard, earning much respect and gratitude from not only myself, but for many motorbiking enthusiasts from all over Australia and – so I hear, from around the globe where he ships many ‘original’ and manufactured (by Murray himself) parts for old Indian Motorcycles. A deep gratitude and respectful thanks to both Murray and his beloved wife Lorraine, who effortlessly stands by her man as his ‘right arm-wing wo-man’, offsider, caretaker of all those that step into their domain, providing endless cups of tea, coffee and morning treats.

What started out as “Ohhh! for frog sake”, after learning that I had to be in Perth for longer than two weeks, which initially was meant to be for only one night, turned out to be an optimists dream. I made valuable use of my time which made my Perth stay more than memorable. The usual business stuff, promoting and gaining exposure through networking, radio and a magazine (April edition of OZ Bike, to be released next week), two-days spent as the ‘Guru’s apprentice’, on his birthday I might add, which had me sandblasting and assisting Murray with pulling the ‘top end’ of my motor apart. Quality, precious time spent with my beautiful daughter Marisa, and precious niece Justine, who just moved over to Perth from Whyalla, and very special friends (Cynthia who cooked an amazing Malaysian dinner for all my weary family), not forgetting, meeting the very dedicated women from ‘Sisters on Steel’ Motorbike Club (powerful women supporting women and children in Family and Domestic Violence), who came to do the Guilderton leg of the journey, but due to mechanical issues had a short ride to a tavern for lunch instead. Thanks ladies for your effort and support.

I need to mention here, that any good adventure must have its highlight, and for me – the very liberated, spree spirited person I am, I had an amazing catch up afternoon with two like-minded, vivacious women. One being my life long-time family friend Sarah of 46 years who very selflessly put me up for my stay in Perth, and the other, a kindred spirit, my lovely ‘one armed bandit’ niece Leah, much loved by all, who had travelled to see her two favourite Aunties. What was supposed to be a few hours catch up to share lunch and a glass of wine, turned out to be a small feast followed by a wiz bang whipped up dinner, 4 bottles of wine, an evening stroll to the river which ended up with two naked goddesses silhouetting off into the river for a moonlight dip, losing a front door key (after stripping clothes off) which then had me scaling a 6ft high fence to get into the back door of Sarah’s house, and then, rescuing my little one armed bandit from off the wall when her clothes got caught up on the fence – ‘ahhhh but a very precious memory of an afternoon/evening had, enriching our feminine bonds and Soul ties – thank you sisters.

In addition, I just need to mention that all of Murray’s benevolent service was very generously donated to The Silent Tour cause, placing him as a ‘Major Sponsor’, and in my eyes, a man with integrity who I hold in high regard, giving me ‘hope for humanity’ that our ‘need for greed’ has not tainted and over powered every person in our society.

Also, much gratitude and thanks to the very caring and generous men Craig Wilson (who put me up in Peppermint Beach), his mate Barry, and the ‘vintage man of steel’ himself, riding for over 73 years – 91-year-old Dave Bunning who showed a keen interest in the ‘Mz Ella Saga’ which I might add, took precedence holding up the restoration work that was being had on his old chief at Murray’s place; they all threw a hat around to support me through their contribution towards Ella’s new makeover. Ahhhhhh, I feel blessed.

Roll on Sunday 23rd April.

Next leg of the Journey: leaving from the park at the back of Alberts kitchen, Guildford (Perth) at 10am. Joining me will be my club members from Indian Motorcycle of W.A.

All welcome – riders, don’t forget to go to ‘join the ride’ tab to sign up and donate for this worthy cause.