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Some facts About Julie

Thanks for popping in and taking a look at my website.

Hey there, my name is Julie and I am 50 y.o. social worker who has worked many years with our most vulnerable in society i.e. men, women and children alike, in order to restore some balance, hope, and to provide healing for these once 'silenced victims' who have been, and still are subjected to violence and abuse throughout their lives.

I have had the privilege to work with not only men in therapeutic counselling settings, but have also worked with women and children who have been exposed to ‘family and domestic violence’, and who have experienced the damaging effects of drug and alcohol abuse while living in extremely controlled and unhealthy environments.

Over the past two years, my role has really challenged me both personally and professionally. It has allowed me to put 'all' my knowledge, wisdom and skills into practice, when I was asked to work in a Group Home funded by the Department of Child Protection. A ‘Tier one’ therapeutic group home for youth with challenging and anti-social behaviors. These behaviors, the bi-product of complex trauma, taunting these children who have had to live their lives constantly in fear, with parents/carers unable to adequately protect and care for them throughout their crucial developing years.

My role as a ‘therapeutic carer’ - which has me living in-house 24/7, has really opened my eyes to the fearful world that these young people have been exposed to. Torn away from their family usually at a young delicate age, from family members with whom they fear and paradoxically at the same time love unconditionally. The damaging impact of being removed and displaced for any young person, in conjunction with being exposed to ongoing violence and abuse, causes long term damaging effects on a child for the rest of their life.

It is now, that my journey as live in carer is nearing the end, and I have my sights set on bigger ideas and plans. Plans that I believe will reach many more people suffering through life, and more times than not, suffering in silence. Six years ago I started writing a very special book (Flaying Solo, One Woman's Journey To Self Discovery), which I know when finished will touch many lives. It will be a book of healing, ending suffrage for many, and will also be the seed planted in order for individuals to break through their silent pain in order to reach some sort of inner peace and harmony.

This plan grew, as plans do once you get started. I decided in order to finish the book, I needed to totally remove myself from the life I lead, away from work, family and friends, with minimal distractions.

What better way to write and be inspired than to travel through some of our most spectacular parts of our country, with a freedom only some would dream of? Hence my plan to take a trip along the rugged and pristine coastline of Australia on my 1942 ‘Indian 741 Military Scout’. A motorbike initially designed for battle in WWII, now riding for a peaceful cause raising awareness around the damaging effects 'complex trauma' has on humanity.

Initially this 11 month plan was to go it alone, solo, with my creative thoughts and time as my friend, however fate had other ideas and planted several other seeds into the mix, which to date, has slowly progressed into a very brave exciting plan that will raise awareness and funds from a wider audience.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you and hope to see many of you on the road – ‘ohhh and by the way, expect this to be a ‘steady journey of reflection’ embracing our own lives and how fortunate we are – not to mention the ol’ girl is retired and only sits comfortably on about 85-90km hour’.

Heres to enlightening humanity and here’s to one hellova ride!

Warmest regards